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Since 1995, Healthier YOU has offered a large selection of natural health products based on our customers' specific needs. All Healthier YOU supplements effectively combine the tried and true from Mother Nature with the very latest breakthroughs and advancements in nutritional science.

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Shou Wu

Shou Wu

As low as $18.99


  • Helps restore your hair's youthful appearance
  • Get fuller, more lustrous looking hair
  • Contains 60 Tablets/ 1 Month Supply
  • Item #: 7790

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    Restore Your Hair's Youthful Appearance!

    For centuries, the Chinese have spoken of a natural herbal formula and its ability to restore dull, thin-appearing hair to its youthful luster - without sticky creams or artificial chemicals.

    Think about it: Have you ever seen a Chinese person whose hair wasn't thick, shiny and beautiful?

    Now for the first time since the Ming Dynasty, a version of this time-tested Chinese formula is being exported to the U.S. - SHOU WU™! This amazing supplement is extracted from natural and ancient medicinal herbs including the nutrient-rich root of the wild Eastern Rose Plant.

    Those who have used SHOU WU™ in the U.S. over a 6-month period are amazed at the results and are receiving compliments from family, friends and associates. The results speak for themselves!

    Try SHOU WU™ - and you, too, may personally discover the Chinese secret to fuller looking, more lustrous looking hair and a more youthful appearance. Be patient, use it consistently for 3 months or so. Don't be surprised if you, too, find yourself receiving compliments from friends and family.

    "I have been using Shou Wu for approximately 5 months. My boss asked me what I did to my hair. He said it looked great, healthy, shiny and swingier. I was impressed, and so was he! The results are visible!"

    - J. Hunter, NY

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