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Since 1995, Healthier YOU has offered a large selection of natural health products based on our customers' specific needs. All Healthier YOU supplements effectively combine the tried and true from Mother Nature with the very latest breakthroughs and advancements in nutritional science.

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Pros-Tamina Plus

Pros-Tamina Plus

As low as $18.99


  • Promotes good Prostate Health
  • Supports healthy sexual and urinary function
  • Optimally balanced formula, now with Rye Grass extract and Stinging Nettle
  • Contains 60 Tablets

Item #: 2170

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Additional Information

Ease Your Mind by Supporting Your PROSTATE - Naturally


Attention: Men Over 40!

Taking control of your prostate health is very important! Research indicates that all men over 40 should pay close attention to the health of their prostate.

Fortunately, the ingredients in advanced formula PROS-TAMINA Plus™ work together to help you maintain optimal prostate health - to help maintain healthy prostate function - all to promote your overall well-being.

In just one daily serving of PROS-TAMINA Plus™ formula you get optimally balanced amounts of all the critical compounds for promoting prostate health naturally.

Don't be fooled by lesser formulations - rely on PROS-TAMINA Plus™ for helping you to promote good prostate health and support healthy sexual & urinary function. You'll be glad that you did - GUARANTEED!

"Wow! What a miracle worker your Pros-Tamina is. Not only has my pain, frequent night time urination, and other symptoms disappeared, but my sex life has improved vastly. I now have everything under control with Pros-Tamina Plus. Thanks for your wonder capsule."

- V. Petty, TX

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