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Bio 4

Bio 4

As low as $29.99


BIO 4 is a powerful, easily digested single-dose solution to support healthy blood pressure... support healthy cholesterol levels... and protect artery wall health.

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Additional Information

Powerful Antioxidant Discovered That Is 4 Times Stronger Than Resveratrol!1

It broke through to an even higher level of heart health support. And it delivers more urgent benefits to your cells. It's called pterostilbene (ter-oh-STILL-bene.)

Pterostilbene and resveratrol are almost identical. But small differences in pterostilbene's chemical structure make it absorb into cells easier. It's also more stable and slower to be cleared out of the body.

Studies comparing resveratrol and pterostilbene show resveratrol's bioavailability is about 20% ... on a good day.

That means your body can use about 20% of it. If that! Pterostilbene weighs in at about 80% ... and reaches as high as 94%. In other words, pterostilbene kicks resveratrol's butt!

We're proud to introduce a brand new supplement, BIO 4, with a patented form of pterostilbene. And the benefits are remarkable...

It has 4x the antioxidant power of resveratrol!

  • Supports brain proteins linked to better memory.1
  • Supports healthy blood sugar. Pterostilbene supports lower blood glucose levels.3
  • Supports healthy artery cells.4
  • Supports healthy cell life span. Pterostilbene is a small molecule that can enter unhealthy cells and block their energy source.5,6

Pterostilbene alone is MUST - for your health and vitality. But Bio4 also contains three more powerful nutrients.

Quercitin: The revatrol "unlocker" that activates resveratrol and with all resveratrol's powerful benefits.

Resveratrol: Finally unlocked and ready to deliver all its powerful benefits.

CoQ10: One of the strongest heart support nutrients and powerful antioxidants known.

BIO 4 is a 1-capsule-per day, doctor-formulated solution designed to support your heart, brain and blood sugar within the normal ranges!

BIO 4 is standardized to ensure active nutrients your body can absorb.

Try Some Today!

"My blood sugar has dropped from 160 to 135 morning measurement and blood pressure is down to 125 over 65, this product is the best I ever tried. Thank you so much for developing this product, keep up the good work. May God bless your good work."

- Lydia M., Hoffman Estates, IL


1 Plant Foods for Human Nutrition March 2010, Volume 65, Issue 1, pp 57-63.

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