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Gastrointestinal Health and Intestinal Parasites
  Millions of Americans are host to more than 130 different kinds of parasites. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to guard against exposure to these pests.
Sleep Deprivation
  Sleep deprivation has become an epidemic, and the negative impact on health is profound. Luckily there are some strategies you can employ to help you sleep without prescription drugs.
Safety of Sweeteners
  High fructose corn syrup is getting an extreme makeover thanks to a new ad campaign, but they’re trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American public.
Chemicals in Plastics
  Chemicals in plastics can migrate into the foods you eat. Even if you can’t go BPA-free, reducing your exposure just a little may make a difference.
Lowering Homocysteine Levels with Vitamin B
  A study on B vitamins published by JAMA has left some people wondering whether or not to take these three nutrients.
Chronic Inflammation and Aging
  Chronic inflammation plays a role in all the diseases associated with aging. Here’s what you can do to tame and even prevent simmering inflammation from provoking these ailments.
Heart Attack Prevention
  New evidence points to a link between low vitamin D levels and the risk of dying from a heart attack.
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