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Effects of Statin Therapy
  Why would you take statin drugs that can carry serious side effects, when there’s a natural supplement that can lower cholesterol as well or better than statins?
Anti-Aging Treatments and Natural Antioxidants
  Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and keeping it healthy is vital. These natural antioxidants and topical vitamins can boost your skin’s defenses against sun damage.
Hereditary Hair Loss
  For treating hair loss, are Propecia and Rogaine really worth the risk? Here are some safer options.
Coral Calcium
  Coral calcium has become one of the most controversial supplements to ever hit the market. Confused by all the recent hoopla? Here’s how to separate the facts from the hype.
Exposure to Pesticides and Contamination in Water
  You don’t have to wait around for a public outcry against human pesticide testing or increased pesticide use to start protecting yourself from persistent health threats.
Speed Up Weight Loss
  The many popular diets attempting to address a growing obesity epidemic are sending mixed messages. Learn about nutritional supplements that can help speed weight loss.
Symptoms of MCS
  Learn the steps to take to lessen the effects of chemical sensitivity, including lifestyle changes, switching to organic foods and non-toxic personal care and cleaning products.
Cancer-Fighting Foods
  Cancer has reached epidemic proportions. Even though we can’t completely avoid carcinogens, making just a few simple dietary changes can tip the odds in our favor.
Herbal Treatments for Back Pain
  There are all-natural remedies that can alleviate lower back pain as effectively as pharmaceuticals – without risky side effects.
Nervous System Function
  There are some new and effective therapies for peripheral neuropathy caused by alcohol abuse. But you won’t find them in a pharmacy or doctor’s office.
Chronic Pain and Pain Relief
  Conventional medicine doesn’t have a lot to offer to fibromyalgia sufferers. Many people have turned to alternative treatments – often with great success.
Statin Industry and Statin Drugs
  Statin drugs used for lowering cholesterol can have serious side effects. It’s far better to lower your cholesterol through diet, exercise and supplements like guggul.
Natural Ways to Boost Your Libido
  Postmenopausal women sometimes experience a decline in sexual desire and function. Here are some natural way to boost your libido.
Vision Loss and Protecting Your Sight
  Mainstream medicine doesn’t have much to offer for treating age-related macular degeneration. Learn about some natural ways to prevent and even slow down its progression.
Risks of Irradiated Food
  The FDA is considering a proposal to legalize the irradiation of ready-to-eat foods, making them nutritionally inferior and even dangerous. Can supplements be far behind?
Breast Cancer Screening
  When it comes to screening for breast cancer, emerging technologies offer the potential of greater accuracy without the discomfort common to mammography.
Free Radicals and Antioxidant Supplementation
  It’s impossible to avoid all free radicals since our own bodies create them. The good news is we can counteract much of the damage they cause with antioxidant supplementation.
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