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The Facts About Smoking Cigarettes
  Nowhere will you find a more concentrated source of environmental pollutants and chemical toxins than in a single cigarette. Learn about the dangers of smoking and the health benefits of quitting.
Health Benefits of Coffee
  New research suggests that coffee offers many health perks while protecting against a number of diseases.
Natural Allergy Treatments
  There are a number of different allergens in our environment. But before you head to the drugstore to stock up on symptomatic relief, check out what Mother Nature has to offer.
Natural Heartburn Relief
  Americans spend $93 million for over-the-counter and prescription medications every year to relieve their GERD. But there are safer, simpler ways to extinguish the burn.
The Problem With Parabens
  Even the most expensive cosmetics and personal-care products can harbor some pretty shady ingredients. One type of cosmestic ingredient you should be especially concerned about is parabens.
The Facts About Fatty Acids
  Essential fatty acids play important roles in growth, development, heart health, and brain function. But scientists disagree about how to incorporate these nutrients into our diet. Here are some facts that can help make sense of the science.
Granting Immunity
  As you age, your immune system doesn’t work as effectively as it once did, so you may get sick more often and take longer to heal. Learn some easy ways to kick start your immune system, no matter how the years have undermined your health.
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