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Magnolia Extract
  Recent studies highlight magnolia’s ability to combat stress, obesity and even cancer. The key to its medicinal properties can be found in the bark and seed cones of the magnolia tree.
Adrenal Problems
  Mild adrenal problems can be counteracted through dietary changes to help regulate blood sugar. Natural energy boosters can help beat fatigue and ward off the effects of stress.
Springtime Allergies
  Fortunately, there are some great natural remedies that can nip seasonal allergies in the bud without the harmful side effects of allergy drugs.
Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  While statins do lower LDL cholesterol levels, some researchers question whether these drugs can really save your life – as their manufacturers would have you believe.
Foods That Fight Fat
  Substituting fat-fighting foods for high-calorie junk foods can help fat melt away.
Juice Fasting, Detoxification
  Fasting is a way to cleanse and detoxify the body. Research has shown that periodically fasting for short periods of time has many health benefits.
Vitamin D and the Sun
  Along with a higher rate of seasonal depression, winter’s sunless days can also lead to a vitamin D deficiency. It’s important to take supplemental vitamin D during the winter months.
DHA and EPA Fatty Acids
  If you suffer from AMD and want to retain your vision longer, supplement with essential fatty acid capsules containing both DHA and EPA fatty acids.
Prevent Gallstones
  To help prevent gallstones from becoming symptomatic, try adopting a low-cholesterol, high-fiber, vegetarian diet and supplementing with flax seed oil and vitamin C.
Overuse of Antibiotics
  Taking antibiotics when they aren’t needed promotes antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Continued over-prescribing of antibiotics could cause devastating problems for future generations.
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