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Stroke Symptoms and How to Minimize the Damage From a Stroke
  When stroke symptoms occur, quick action is vital. Learn what you can do to get the proper care and minimize damage. Preventing stroke is largely a matter of healthy living and having regular check-ups, but adding certain supplements to your diet may also help prevent the condition.
Safety of Genetically Engineered Animals
  Genetically engineered animals are on their way to a supermarket near you. How safe are they? There are many environmental, safety, and health questions still unanswered. And if the FDA has its way, consumers won’t know if the foods they buy are from these animals or not.
Healthy Ways to Reduce Inflammation
  Inflammation is central to the development of cardiovascular disease. Learn about some healthier ways to reduce inflammation, rather than resorting to statin drugs.
Natural Cures for Depression, Advanced Natural Medicine
  As rates of both clinical depression and more transient day-to-day mood problems climb, some mental health experts say evaluating diet, lifestyle choices, and your attitude could be the key to kicking a persistent bad mood.
Pro-Sexual Supplements, The Natural Way to Better Sex
  You can improve sexual function with the help of an essential amino acid that’s one of the building blocks of protein in your body. Best of all, it’s safe and effective for both men and women – and it doesn’t require a prescription.
Walking to Improve Circulation, Advanced Natural Medicine Bulletin
  Everyone diagnosed with peripheral artery disease should walk – even if they don’t have any leg pain. According to a new government-funded study, a planned walking program can dramatically improve both endurance and quality of life.
Supplements in the News, Advanced Natural Medicine Bulletin
  Even if a supplement like glucosamine or vitamin E has a mountain of research proving its effectiveness, a few well-placed (if erroneous) headlines can undo years of benefit. Learn why you should approach these reports with a bit of skepticism.
Lower Cholesterol Naturally, Advanced Natural Medicine Bulletin
  Having higher than normal cholesterol levels doesn’t automatically mean you need to take statin drugs for the rest of your life. Simply making some changes to your lifestyle can bring those numbers down.
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