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The Beef Industry
  Is there any way to protect yourself from irresponsible laws that allow the contamination of our food? Fortunately there is. One option is to switch to totally organic meat and poultry.
CLA Supplements and Weight Loss
  Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) can reduce body fat while increasing muscle strength and exercise endurance. It’s a smart addition to a low-cal diet and exercise plan.
Drug Research and Dietary Supplements
  Much of the research touted in drug commercials has been paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. Blind faith in this research just might have an adverse affect on your health.
How Safe are Sweeteners?
  Sucralose, the sugar substitute sold under the brand name Splenda, is now included in more than 3,000 products. So, how safe is it? Stevia may be a safer alternative.
Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act
  Proposed legislation could severely restrict which supplements you and I will have access to. It’s time we stand up for our right to safe, accessible and health-promoting supplements.
Mad Cow Disease- Organic Beef
  The risk of mad cow disease finding its way onto your dinner plate may not be quite as low as the beef industry or the government would like you to believe.
Effects of Microwaved Food on the Human Body
  Microwave cooking is quick and convenient, but it destroys nutrients and could be serving up some pretty toxic food. Here’s why you should think twice before cooking with a microwave.
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