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Health Benefits of Coffee
  New research suggests that coffee offers many health perks while protecting against a number of diseases.
Safety of Genetically Engineered Animals
  Genetically engineered animals are on their way to a supermarket near you. How safe are they? There are many environmental, safety, and health questions still unanswered. And if the FDA has its way, consumers won’t know if the foods they buy are from these animals or not.
Pro-Sexual Supplements, The Natural Way to Better Sex
  You can improve sexual function with the help of an essential amino acid that’s one of the building blocks of protein in your body. Best of all, it’s safe and effective for both men and women – and it doesn’t require a prescription.
Cut Your Risk of Colon Cancer
  Colon cancer is the third most prevalent cause of all cancer deaths. But colon cancer has an excellent cure rate if it’s caught early. Learn what you can do to lower your risk.
Anti-aging- Chinese Medicine
  Goji berries are the new “wonder food” being touted as a tasty way to promote good health. Yet, while you might think goji is the new kid on the block, it’s actually been around for centuries.
Chemicals in Plastics
  Chemicals in plastics can migrate into the foods you eat. Even if you can’t go BPA-free, reducing your exposure just a little may make a difference.
Children Taking Statin Drugs
  For treating obesity in children, the AAP focuses on dangerous prescription drugs. Here are some healthy strategies for focusing on diet and exercise instead.
Natural Prevention for Migraines
  Affecting three times as many women as men, migraines are far more debilitating than the more common tension headaches. Here are some natural treatments.
Natural Headache Remedies- Butterbur, Coenzyme Q10, CoQ10
  The right diet or supplement can make a huge difference when managing migraines and their consequences.
Urinary Tract Health and Kidney Stones
  Learn how a few simple lifestyle changes can ward off the formation of pesky – and sometimes painful – kidney stones and gallstones.
Toxins in Plastics
  Plastics have taken a toll on our health and on the health of the planet.
Cloned Animals and Cloned Food Products
  Once again, it looks like the FDA is putting the profits of big corporations before its obligations to protect the public and food supply.
Natural Remedies for Tinnitus
  Most doctors will tell you there isn’t much modern medicine can do to stop tinnitus. But nature can offer some simple measures that just might quell the racket.
Longevity and Multivitamins
  Improving your odds of a life full of fun and purpose in our 80s, 90s and beyond may be easier than you think.
Seasonal Affective Disorders- SAD
  Research suggests that certain vitamins, minerals and other compounds in foods influence brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which can affect mood and depression.
Cardiovascular Fitness-Endurance and your Metabolism, Fartlek
  Once the domain of elite athletes, interval training has become a powerful tool for the average exerciser, too.
Weight Management
  Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can help you keep your weight gain in check during the holidays.
Food Borne Illness
  Recalls and outbreaks of illness involving imported foods are happening more frequently. Here’s what you need to know to protect your family from food borne illness.
Leaky Gut Syndrome
  For some people, the digestive factory can malfunction, causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. The nutrient L-glutamine can help prevent and control the condition.
Multiple Sclerosis
  Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system. Diet, supplements and lifestyle choices can help someone with MS enjoy longer periods of remission.
Red Meat Consumption
  A major new study analysis suggests that eating too much red meat can raise the risk of breast and colorectal cancer.
Bone-Building Nutrients and Osteoporosis
  By identifying a pre-disease, you and your doctor can tackle them before they become a full-blown condition. Here’s what you need to know about three of the most common ones.
CoQ10 And Omega 3's for Alzheimer's Disease
  Alzheimer’s is on the rise. If you’re looking for protection from this increasingly common disease, you can start with two familiar supplements – coenzyme Q-10 and omega-3.
Treating High Blood Pressure
  The American Heart Association’s 2007 guidelines for preventing heart disease in women recommend a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, high-fiber whole grains and oily fish.
Filtered Water
  Learn about the safety of bottled water vs. tap water, and what you can do to lower your risk of exposure to contaminants such as bacteria and chemicals.
Health Benefits of Red Wine- Protect Against Heart Disease
  Researchers have found that drinking alcohol in moderation is not just good for your heart. It can also help protect you from Alzheimer’s disease.
Alternative to OTC Decongestants
  Medications only promise temporary relief from the misery that a sinus infection can bring. Natural remedies offer fast relief without the side effects.
Peripheral Neuropathy
  There are some new and effective therapies for peripheral neuropathy caused by alcohol abuse. But you won’t find them in a pharmacy or doctor’s office.
Benefits of a High-Fiber Diet
  Fiber is the one of the most important keys to a healthy diet and a healthy body. Don’t overlook its importance and don’t be misled by flawed studies.
Prevent Thyroid Problems
  Stress and diet deficiencies take a major toll on the thyroid gland, which can lead to the onset of metabolic disorders. Learn what you can do to help prevent future thyroid problems.
HR 3156 Legislation
  A dangerous new bill targeting dietary and herbal supplements proposes legislation that may affect your right to safe, accessible and health-promoting supplements.
High-Potency Multivitamin
  Each year, millions of people suffer from increased seasonal stress that leaves them vulnerable to illness. Stress-relieving supplements can help keep you healthy through the holidays.
Tracking Trans Fat
  Eating foods containing trans fats and saturated fats increases your risk of heart disease. Learn about healthy choices you can make to eliminate your intact of these dangerous substances.
Health Benefits of Laughter
  New research examines the health benefits of laughter – it can be terrific for your health. Here are some creative ways to incorporate humor into your daily routine.
Health Epidemic
  Language inserted into the 2006 Defense Department spending conference report protects Big Pharma from liability linked to negative reactions and harmful side effects of drugs.
Blood Sugar Control and Weight Loss
  Being sedentary is hazardous to your health. Americans who exercise cite big physical and psychological payoffs, such as better health, more energy, and better self-esteem.
Melatonin Production
  While eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help keep mild depression at bay, there are several simple things you can do to help banish the blues.
Healthy holiday foods
  The holidays can pack on the pounds and cause us to indulge in some unhealthy food choices. Knowing which holiday foods harm and which foods heal can help keep you on track.
Bone Health, Osteoporosis
  Osteoporosis is preventable. Although a lifetime of good nutrition is the best way to prevent bone loss, it’s never too late to add bone-building nutrients to your supplement routine.
Pomegrantes and Cancer Prevention
  Pomegranates are quite possibly the healthiest fruits on earth. They contain the highest polyphenol content of any food, and the juice is rich in antioxidants.
Transient Ischemic Attack- Prevent a Stroke
  A mini stroke - technically known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA) - can be the harbinger of a full-blown stroke later on. There are a number of things you can do to lower your risk.
West Nile Virus and Insect Repellants
  Most commercial insect repellants are packed with toxic chemicals, especially the pesticide known as DEET. These natural alternatives can keep mosquitoes away while keeping you safe.
Natural Anti-Inflammatories- Boswellia, Tumeric, Curcumin
  Inflammation is the body’s natural response against injury and infection. When it functions properly, it helps heal. But if it gets out of control, it can wreak havoc on your health.
Alternative Health Treatments
  Mainstream medicine has been doing battle with the proponents of alternative health for years. But now it looks like things have escalated into a full-blown war.
Anti-Inflammatory Supplements
  While red meat, eggs, refined sugar and dairy can trigger inflammation, fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, tea, and red wine can thwart it before it even begins.
Natural Remedies for Snoring
  There are a variety of natural remedies that can ease snoring and make life easier for those affected by this condition. These include eucalyptus oil and homeopathy.
Health Benefits of Soy
  Even though soy has become a hot button issue, a number of reputable experts in the field of alternative health and nutrition still consider it a health-promoting food.
Herbal Antidepressants
  People suffering from mild to moderate depression may want to “just say no” to synthetic antidepressants in favor of a more holistic approach. Consider these natural interventions.
Health Benefits of Natto
  Eating soy food such as natto, or taking nattokinase supplements, may have many health benefits without the serious side effects of pharmaceuticals.
Airborne Contaminants and Air Pollutants
  Air pollution that we’re exposed to daily may have dangerous side effects. The best way to guard against the ill effects of air pollution is to boost your body’s antioxidant levels.
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