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Natural Cures for Depression, Advanced Natural Medicine
  As rates of both clinical depression and more transient day-to-day mood problems climb, some mental health experts say evaluating diet, lifestyle choices, and your attitude could be the key to kicking a persistent bad mood.
Nutritional Supplements for Better Health, Advanced Natural Medicine
  Adopting a healthy diet, exercising at least 30 minutes a day, taking a multivitamin, and keeping a lid on stress can go a long way toward preventing chronic disease. But, if you’re at an increased risk for certain health problems, you can target these conditions with specific supplements.
Importance of Exercise
  Learn about the many long-term health benefits that make lifelong exercise so rewarding.
The Cancer-Cutting Diet
  There is a wealth of scientific evidence behind the diet-cancer link. This holistic approach promises to bring answers that are based on how we actually live our lives.
Healthy Thanksgiving Meal
  It is possible to serve up a healthy, yet festive, feast for Thanksgiving. The traditional foods of the season happen to be ultra healthy – if you make them the right way.
Healthy Diet and Healthy Weight
  According to a new study, people who don’t lead a healthy lifestyle until they reach middle age can still benefit – as long as they change their ways.
Food Safety Laws you should know Before Eating Red Meat
  It’s likely the government won’t put any real teeth into food laws anytime soon. Short of bypassing beef, here are some steps you can take to minimize your risk of mad cow disease.
Thyroid SOS
  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease where the body’s own antibodies attack the cells of the thyroid. Learn about the treatments, both conventional and alternative.
Cortisol- For Skin Care and Boosting your Health
  Making simple tweaks to your self-care regimen in an effort to reduce stress can work wonders in reigning in cortisol and boosting your health.
Cancer Prevention and the Benefits of Physical Activity
  According to a report by the American Institute for Cancer Research, about one-third of the world’s cancers could be avoided if everyone ate better, exercised more and weighed less.
Immune-Boosting Supplements
  You can bolster your defenses against disease by supplementing with nutrients.
Exercise Prevents Chronic Disease
  Regular physical activity supports virtually every system in your body, from your bones and muscles to your heart and lungs. It’s also your best weapon against chronic disease.
Contaminants in Waste and Bottled Water
  Without water, none of our critical bodily functions can occur. So find a good source of bottled water and drink up.
Nervous System Function
  There are some new and effective therapies for peripheral neuropathy caused by alcohol abuse. But you won’t find them in a pharmacy or doctor’s office.
Free Radicals and Antioxidant Supplementation
  It’s impossible to avoid all free radicals since our own bodies create them. The good news is we can counteract much of the damage they cause with antioxidant supplementation.
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